Two Tone Painting

One of the many services provided by Altech Custom Coaters Ltd. is two-tone finishing, the process of painting one side of the material one color then masking it off and painting the other side a different color.

The following criteria apply to two-tone orders. Please contact Altech Custom Coaters Ltd. to review your two-tone requirements

  • Altech can provide two-tone finish for extrusion material
    • Flat sheet can be two-tone finished on the separate sides, however we do not two-tone finish just one side
    • Contact Altech quoting department for information on material types other than extrusion
  • Different paint types may not be compatible on the same profile
    • Both paints require equal baking temperatures
    • When paints bake at different temperatures, one color risks burning, peeling, and / or discoloration
    • Two-tone finish may not be warranted if the paints are from different vendors
  • Dimensioned die drawings are required, which specifically indicate the interior and exterior exposed surfaces
  • Altech cannot guarantee a straight line for split finish when colors are touching