Chromate Conversion

Chromate Conversion

Chromate conversion coating, also commonly known as Alodine or chem film, is used to prepare
aluminum surfaces for the application of an architectural metal finishing products.

Chromate conversion coating is applied to passivate aluminium, zinc, cadmium, copper, silver, magnesium, tin and their alloys to slow down the corrosion rate. Chromating is commonly used on zinc-plated parts to make them more durable. The chromate coating acts like a paint, protecting the zinc from white corrosion; which can make the part several times more durable depending on chromate layer thickness. It cannot be applied directly to steel or iron, and does not enhance zinc’s cathodic protection of the underlying steel from brown corrosion.

Efficiency & reliability

Altech Process for Alodine

Our process includes 5-stage 
pre-treatment pripr to painting.

  • Provides durable corrosion protection; even when scratched.
  • Process may be used to add color.
  • Allows for excellent surface electrical conductivity.
  • Helps to provide good electrical bonding in an airframe.
  • Can substitute for primer in some cases.
  • Does not add any measurable weight.
  • More cost-effective process than anodizing.
  • Does not change the parts dimensions. (ie. bolt holes)
  • Electricity not required.